Social Saturday


Everyone have a great Saturday! I’m off to The Ross for the weekend.  This place is no longer fun and kind of feels like an episode of Dynasty or Dallas… really weird and people are trying to destroy each other for minimum wage. Then again, I am collecting enough material for a book which I did not think I was going to write. If I stay for another month, I think I’ll have enough material for a book and maybe a sequel.

I already have one character who I am sure drinks and comes to work hungover and needs a drink. His hands shake all the time like he has the DTs. I have another character who thinks that she is the best loss prevention  officer that has ever graced The Ross doors and no one can do a better job than her. However, my personal favorite, the bad guy you love to hate, let’s call him  CPS since he wants to break up the family. This character is snitch central and loves to tell his boss about everything that happens in the store.  He’s  a snitch making a few more dollars than me. Anyway, I’m sure next week will be interesting since his top, oh I mean supervisor will be back from vacation. What kind of mischief can I do working only one day during the week?


F.M. Laster

“I never loved another person the way I loved myself”. – Mae West

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