What’s in a List? The top 5

There is something satisfying about making lists. I make lists in order to plan out my day. I make lists when I need something from the store or a checklist of items to talk about with someone. Either way without a list, I don’t think that I could function very well. I need a list in order to know what I want to do. Without a list, I would go shopping and come back with crap I don’t need and forget about the things I do need.

However, there are times when making lists are fun; like today. Today I’m showing you guys some of my “top 5” whatever. I think I’ll do this for the next couple of posts. Without further delay here is today’s Top 5.

Top 5 Words that Describe Me

  1. Blonde: because I do and still do stupid stereotypical dumb blonde things despite having several years of higher education attached to my name
  2. Unique: I’ve always liked being called unique and I think it fits me perfectly. I look like me; I don’t act like the others and I don’t play well with others.
  3. Adventurous: What else do you call someone who quits a very high paying job to travel to another country where they know very little about and work there? Other than crazy, because I think crazy is overrated.
  4. Funny: Yes, your girl is funny. I have my moments where sometimes the words that come out of my mouth are quick-witted and sharp, it makes a person smile or busts out laughing.
  5. Witty: I think that witty is just code for being bitchy, and my friends I am that. I guess it just depends on the day or the mood I’m in if I’m going to be “witty”



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