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Weekly Updates: Change is Coming

On April 12, 2018, I came to a decision. I no longer want to exist; I want to live. And to live there are certain things, which I need to get rid off, things I need to accept, and things, … Continue reading

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Club 27: Louis Chauvin

Today’s club member is Louis Chauvin. Louis Chauvin (March 13, 1881 – March 26, 1908) was an American ragtime musician. Born in St. Louis, Missouri of a Mexican Spanish-Indian father and an African-American mother, he was widely considered the finest … Continue reading

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Social Saturdays: Poetry Month

Here is another from Mr. Allan Poe. Enjoy F.M. Laster “I never loved another person the way I loved myself”. – Mae West   The Conqueror Worm BY EDGAR ALLAN POE Lo! ’t is a gala night    Within the … Continue reading

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Happy 420!

Ha! No erotica today. This is dedicated to 420…Google it if you must. Anyway, if you’re pro or con, or have a very, very, very, good job and don’t need any hassles, you do you, and I’ll do me.  All … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: Day 2 Dead Woman Pass

Check it out!  Why do I look so happy/high/wtf?!! Well, I just finished the 2nd day of the hike from hell and I made it! I overcame so many fears that day; heights, ancient stairs, and the Andes damn high … Continue reading

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Wayback: Fleetwood Mac

Classic, Classic, Classic Band. Here’s one of my favorites.  You got to love a band that was pretty much screwing each other AND managed to produce and tour! Cocaine is a hell of a drug! F.M. Laster “I never loved … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesday: Machu Picchu

I remember this day. It was an overcast day that day, but I loved every minute of the hike. Would I go back, hell yes! Would I do the 4 day Inca Trail of Death….ehhhh, I’ll have to see.  Soon, … Continue reading

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