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Social Saturday: Purple Rain

Can’t think of a better way to end #princemonth than with my classic favorite.  Please enjoy and remember to do you and the hell with what people may think about you or your talent. Just like Prince, prove those bastards … Continue reading

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Erotic Fridays: Sexuality

I found this one quite by accident and I think it’s perfect to end the month with. Especially with lyrics like these, “U don’t need no money, U don’t need no clothes/The second coming, anything goes”. You know how well … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: The Time

Not really Prince, but it is s throwback and I am a fan of Jay and Silent Bob and this is a throwback.  Sue Me.  Have a good one and enjoy. F.M. Laster “I never loved another person the way … Continue reading

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Wayback Wednesday: Please!

Childe…… if I can look half this good, I’ll be happy.  Not only can the woman sing, but she sexy as hell. Enjoy! F.M. Laster “I never loved another person the way I loved myself”. – Mae West

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Travel Tuesday: Taquile Island

Today’s destination is from the South American country of Peru and the lovely floating islands.  While the island was fun and all, I was just loving the view!  Look at it! This trip really tested my endurance and instilled a … Continue reading

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The Black Barbie Chronciles: My Racist Korean

Black Barbie thinks her Korean is Racist (yes, HER Korean)    I forgot how long I was in the country until I started to hear the N-word thrown around by everyday Koreans. I’m thinking about a month or so. They … Continue reading

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Club 27: Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson

Today’s Club Member is Alan ” Blind Owl” Wilson Alan Christie Wilson (July 4, 1943 – September 3, 1970) was a co-founder, leader, and primary composer for the American blues band Canned Heat. He played harmonica, guitar, and sang with … Continue reading

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