The Black Barbie Chronciles: My Racist Korean

Black Barbie thinks her Korean is Racist (yes, HER Korean)

   I forgot how long I was in the country until I started to hear the N-word thrown around by everyday Koreans. I’m thinking about a month or so. They were talking with each and on the phones and every time I kept hearing the N-word! WTH?!! Seriously Korea. I mean I know that I’m not Korean but come one, really? Do you have to use that word in my presence? I was really starting to wonder about my life choices and run away from Korea, considering I ran to Korea to escape America. Or do I suck it up finish the rest of my contract and just increase my alcohol consumption to “deal” with my racist Koreans? I decided to have a chat with my handler, the sweet Moon Yeoung. He would know what to do!

I see him the next day at school and decided to wait until he is finished with his conversation on the phone before asking him about his very racist countrymen! Guess what! My Korean is just as racist as the other Koreans. He’s speaking in Korean and all I hear is N-this and N-that. I am staring at this man like I am going to rip his spine out like in Predator.

I waited until he was finished to let him have it.
Me: OMG, did you just say the ‘N-word’ over and over again?

Moon Yeoung: Yes

Me: Why would you do that? Didn’t they tell you people (now who’s the racist), that word is offensive and wrong?

He is looking at me very puzzled, but I can see the wheels turning in his head recalling his conversation. Suddenly, he produces this huge grin on his face, bursts out laughing and begins to explain what I heard.

For starters, he didn’t use the famous ‘N-word.’ The word in Korean just sounds similar to it.

There are two.
내가 and 니가
내가 (Neh gah) means ‘I’ when you are emphasizing ‘I’ in the sentence.
니가 (Nee gah) means ‘YOU’ when you are emphasizing ‘You’ in the sentence.
Ah, well, when he told me and explained it to me, it made a hell of a lot of sense. I thought it was really weird that every single Korean I ran into just used that word over and over again. Moon Yeoung told Mrs. Kim, another teacher we shared the office with heard about my mistake and we all had a good laugh.

I just go to show, that I should not be so quick to judge and assume the worse. If you didn’t know, then you would get offended. Just like this young man when he thought the elderly Korean man called him the N-word. It’s bad and this bastard set us all back for a few years. He didn’t know about 내가 and 니가 but he sure knew a lot of other Korean swear words. Check out the video and tune in next week for some more shenanigans from YOUR Black Barbie.

F.M. Laster

“I never loved another person the way I loved myself”. – Mae West

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