Club 27: Stretch

Today’s member is a rapper named Stretch


Randy Walker (April 8, 1968 – November 30, 1995), better known by his stage name Stretch, was an American rapper and producer.

Life and career

Stretch was a rapper and hip hop producer from Springfield Gardens, Queens, New York who founded the hip hop group Live Squad with his brother Majesty in the late 1980s. He made brief cameo appearances in several films, such as Juice, Who’s the Man? and Bullet, and contributed to the soundtrack Above the Rim.[1] He is perhaps most famous for his work and close affiliation with Tupac Shakur during the early 1990s.


On November 30, 1995, Stretch was on his way home after dropping off his brother Chris when he was killed after being chased and shot four times in the back by two men who pulled up alongside his green minivan in a black car at 112th Avenue and 209th Street in Queens Village just after 12:30 A.M., while he was driving. His minivan smashed into a tree and hit a parked car before flipping over. Stretch was killed one year after Tupac’s 1994 Quad Studio shooting, and many people believe that Stretch was killed as a form of retaliation related to Tupac.


He was known for his unmistakable deep voice as well as his brother Majesty. He had many unreleased songs featuring Tupac and rest of the Live Squad.

Here’s a song he did in collaboration with Tupac and Mac Mall, directed by Tupac. Enjoy and listen to the message.

F. M. Laster

“I’ve been things and seen places.”- Mae West

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