Black Barbie Chronicles: Black Barbie Has Handlers


Heads of state, important people, and me, I had handlers.  Never have I felt so helpless or important at the same time than when I was in Korea. Until I went to Saudi. That is a saga for another series.  Enjoy this little tidbit.

F. M . Laster

“I’ve been things and seen places.”- Mae West

Black Barbie Has Handlers

  Guess what I got and you people back in the US of A, ain’t got; handlers bitches. Correction, I have a pair of handlers. When one of them screws up the other one takes over. Aww…… I feel so important; I have handlers. If I have a question or issue, I get one of them to handle it for me. Peeps this shit, I have to send all requests to the head dick in charge aka Mister. aka, Mr. Asshole, aka HKIC (Head Korean In Charge). HKIC then delegates the work to Moon Yeoung who actually does the work.

Here’s where the American in me comes in, I figure if Moon Yeoung is the one doing the actual work, then why do I even need to involve HKIC? Skip the middleman and go directly to the source! WRONG!!!!!! WRONG!!!!!! WRONG!!!!!! Well, I did just that for something so tiny, so simple, or idiotic, where to out my trash at home. Big Mistake. HKIC just happens to come in while I’m taking Moon and lights into this guy. WTH?!!! Apparently, I do not work in a school, I’m in the frigging Korean Army and I need to follow the blasted chain of command. I felt bad for getting Moon Yeoung in trouble, but he just shrugged and said something to the fact of “ Mr. Kim, needs to always be right. But the principal of the school is not really happy with him.” Well, well, clearly, I have stumbled upon some power struggle here at Sung Kwang Middle/High School. I am loving this drama, and baby looks like the tea will be served steaming hot every damn day. Let’s see how this drama will play out.







February 20

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