Club 27: Malcolm Hale

Here’s today’s member who I had to look to find some background of him, Malcolm Hale.


Below is his obituary which was originally printed in the New York Times in 1968. Damn, the man died on Halloween.

FROM:  The New York Times (November 2nd, 1968) ~
By Staff

Malcolm Hale, a member of the Spanky and
Our Gang singing group collapsed and died
of bronchial pneumonia [1] at the home of
friends in Chicago on Wednesday.  He was
27 years old.

A spokesman for the pop group said that the
news of the musician’s death had been withheld
until his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Donald Hale of
Cleveland Heights could be notified.  They
were en route from South Africa.

Mr. Hale was a professional musician for six
years before Spanky and Our Gang was
organized in 1966.  He played trombone and
guitar and supplied vocal arrangements for the
group, which mixes comedy with versatile

Mr. Hale was described in a review by Robert
Shelton in The New York Times as “a
mustached gamester in a Carnaby Street shirt.”

In addition to his parents, Mr. Hale is survived
by three brothers, Donald, Edward and
[1] Hale died from carbon monoxide poisoning (faulty heater).

Anywho here’s Sunday will Never be the Same by Spanky and the Gang. Enjoy.

F. M . Laster

“I’ve been things and seen places.”- Mae West

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