Throwback Thursday: Snow in Korea


Yeah, I know this is not a pic of me. Sue me, but I just had to get this one out there.

I know, some people claim this is NOT SNOW!! Mimi, what the hell do you know what snow looks like? Sorry, I’m from Texas and it does not snow a lot down there.  I was so stoked to see this when I was at one of my country schools in Namwon. Yes, those are restrooms outside.  We had some classrooms outside and yes, sometimes you couldn’t make it indoors quick enough, so those were there.

I was like a kid at Christmas looking at that and seeing the snow fall. The fun, however, wore off real quick when I realized I had to walk to the bus stop.  The snow was not the issue; it was the slick slippery streets and everyone knows how accident prone I am. I am sorry to say I fell on my ass going to the bus stop, but at least it wasn’t in downtown Namwon where someone would actually know me. I didn’t count the country schools. Have a good one.

F. M . Laster

“I’ve been things and seen places.”- Mae West

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