Erotic Friday: More Emily

Hell, I figure why mess with a good thing.  I’m liking Emily and her poetry is speaking to me.  Then again, perhaps I should get out more. This poem can be taken a couple of ways; much like me.  It could be seen as having religion rammed down your throat,  being forced to some something against your will, or perhaps it was the way Emily felt about a very much married man and pastor? Hmmm…..Anyway like always, please enjoy.

F. M . Laster

“I’ve been things and seen places.”- Mae West

He fumbles at your Soul

by Emily Dickinson

He fumbles at your Soul
As Players at the Keys —
Before they drop full Music on —
He stuns you by Degrees —

Prepares your brittle Nature
For the Ethereal Blow
By fainter Hammers — further heard —
Then nearer — Then so — slow —

Your Breath — has time to straighten —
Your Brain — to bubble Cool —
Deals One — imperial Thunderbolt —
That scalps your naked soul —

When Winds hold Forests in their Paws —
The Universe — is still —

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