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Wayback Wednesday: Prince

His Royal Purpleness is the subject for today with a song I LOVED; Cream baby. Enjoy! F. M. Laster “I’ve been things and seen places.”- Mae West

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Travel Tuesday: Imjingak

I was there! This is also a part of the road to the DMZ tour which you NEED to take.  It was excellent, and I had great friends with me along the way. Imjingak is a park of sorts located … Continue reading

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The Black Barbie Chronicles:

Hey, can you guys believe there was a time I FAILED the job interview to get my first teaching gig in Korea? It’s true.  Anyway, here’s that story. Enjoy my pain. F. M. Laster “I’ve been things and seen places.”- … Continue reading

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Club 27: Pete Ham

Here’s today’s member, Pete Ham. Peter William Ham (27 April 1947 – 24 April 1975) was a Welsh singer, songwriter, and guitarist, best known as the lead vocalist and composer of the 1970s rock band Badfinger, whose hit songs include … Continue reading

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Hole: Doll Parts

” I want to be the girl with the most cake”.  Enjoy. F.M. Laster “I never loved another person the way I loved myself”. – Mae West  

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Erotic Friday: More Emily

Hell, I figure why mess with a good thing.  I’m liking Emily and her poetry is speaking to me.  Then again, perhaps I should get out more. This poem can be taken a couple of ways; much like me.  It … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: Snow in Korea

Yeah, I know this is not a pic of me. Sue me, but I just had to get this one out there. I know, some people claim this is NOT SNOW!! Mimi, what the hell do you know what snow … Continue reading

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