Music Sundays: Here’s Something New

This year, for Sunday I’m doing something a little different. I’ll be posting about different types of music I like and artists. Some you will be familiar with and know very well, some you may have no clue who the hell they are, and there will be a few which will make you question if I’m off my meds or not!  Anywho, the goal is to showcase an act for the month with a song and a brief reason why I love and why I selected that particular song.  Here’s hoping this will a popular posting.  Well, let’s get started.

Let’s start the year with a band that I fell in love with in Middle School and was also my first concert; with another school-aged friend; on a school night. BY. OUR SELVES. Her mom dropped us off and then picked us up after the concert. Now, I think that’s what considered child abuse? I guess we were a lot tougher “back then”. I present to you Duran Duran.

I loved their sound, their look, and their videos! I swear their videos were hot, fun, and sexy. Case in point, today’s video Hungry Like the Wolf

This video has it all; sexy women, Indiana Jones type character and fab makeup! Also, they filmed this on location in the jungles of Sri Lanka so you got that whole explorer feeling. Please enjoy this sexy ass video from my childhood.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

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