The Black Barbie Chronicles: Black Barbie Misses Southern Cooking

That was one of the main things I was missing when I came to Korea; some damn grits!


I mean grits just means the world to me and I really wish I had brought a box or two with me to Korea land.  However, that was just one of the things I missed while there. Check out this latest entry and have a good one!

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

Monday, November 26

Black Barbie Misses Southern Cooking

There aren’t really many material things that I miss from home. Busan is a large city and there is very little that I have been unable to find for myself here. If I can’t find it in Busan, Daegu is an hour away. Nearly everything that I would have listed as either essentials or trivial desires prior to coming and then some are available to me, often for cheaper than they would be at home.

I was told prior to departure that I ought to bring a lot of deodorant, as it’s extremely difficult to find here. Now, I’m not sure what jackass started this rumor, but I found deodorant without even fucking looking for it. It is a little bit more expensive here and there isn’t as much variety, but seriously. How essential is it for you to have your favorite kind of deodorant at 4 bucks a pop? My having to pay an extra two-three bucks per pop every couple of months is hardly going to break the bank. Given how little it costs if almost everything else here, it’s a fair trade-off.

It was also recommended to me prior to leaving America that I bring a ton of my favorite feminine products. God forbid I do not use Tampax! If I don’t have my favorite blue plastic applicator with finger grips I will just die! Seriously? This just in: Korean women menstruate too! And sometimes they even use feminine products to stop the flow! Hence, it was grossly unnecessary to pack a six-month supply of tampons. I could have used that space for mixers, which is seriously lacking in this country!

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