The Black Barbie Chronicles: Is there Deodorant in Korea Land?

Maybe, do I stink?


This is one of the things which, yes I did do some research on before heading off to Korealand.  I guess it’s why I’m such a know it all.  So, check out this funny little entry, because my mom was going to ship me a year’s supply of deodorant for my first year!  Have a good one.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

Friday, December 4

Is There Deodorant in Korea Land??

This little diddy about finding deodorant in Korea Land seems to plague every Internet board when people start to research coming to Korea, myself included. So, let me answer and save time and research.

Like my people back home, there are some things they do not understand about Korea. Korea is very much a first world country, not some little hole in the wall in Bum Screw Egypt. Honey, trust, if there is something you need or need you can get it. Now, of course, some things may be more difficult to score than others, but the adage is, if you look hard and long enough, you’ll eventually find what you are looking for.

Naturally, of course, there are some brands, which will prove to be challenging to find even at the best of times. Also, some the brands available maybe just a touch different with their ingredient list than in America. It just depends on how much you are willing to pay for something that you can find cheaper elsewhere. Of course, if you need to have the ” Stronger than a man stuff,” you can always pay the ridiculous import fees, taxes, and shipping. Or, you can check out these options, which are ALL over Korea no matter how small the city, or town.

Daiso: You Need It, We Got it: This is the place where you can satisfy 98% of your needs and the things you don’t need. They carry Nivea deodorant, which does what it claims to do AND it’s CHEAP!!!

Olive Young: Everything but the Pharmacy: These stores are very similar to Walgreens and CVS back in Texas. This store has an eclectic mix of Western and Korean beauty supplies and toiletries. It goes without saying that the international stuff will be more expensive, so try the Korean brands; they work just as well. However, if you’re a purist or something, then they do sell brands like Yves Rocher, Burt’s Bees, and Bioderma. Yes, they also sell deodorant.

Emart/Homeplus – Big Daddies of Korea: Think Walmart on massive anabolic steroids. They have it all from car parts to jewelry. They do not have a pharmacy, but more on that subject on another post. Yes, they do sell deodorant and any type of toiletries that you can possibly imagine.

Gmarket – Korean Amazon: Sometimes, I can’t be bothered to take a taxi, go to Homeplus get some water or whatever and trek the shit back home. I’ve come up Gmarket, and they will deliver a ton of water to my apartment and have it waiting outside my door, and I don’t need to pay a delivery fee! If I can wait two maybe three days, I’ll get my stuff. Yes, people, Gmarket sells deodorant; hell maybe a vendor will have your special stuff. Who knows?

The gist of this little post is yes Korea has deodorant. No, you do not need to pack a year’s supply with you. However, if you are THAT particular about your deodorant and it’ll be a deal breaker for you, relax. All you need to do is go to the post office, get one of those one-price international delivery boxes, fill it up with deodorant, seal it, and wait. You wait until you have an address and then have your people send it to you. No fuss, no muss. Just take a couple to tide you over until then. See, Korea has deodorant, and if you need your own, have it shipped to you!

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