The Black Barbie Chronicles: Black Barbie Loves the Internet


Hey, one of the things I LOVED about Korea, was the Internet.  Korea is about the size of Texas, but wired out the ass! There is no slow Internet; hell Internet is available in the damn boonies!  America, take notice.  Anywho, check out this here entry and enjoy.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

Sunday, December 20th

Black Barbie Loves Korean Internet

I love the Internet. I especially love Korean Internet. It’s fast, easy, and cheap; just like me! I love it so much that the local 20 something’s at my local PC Room fail to get all hot and bothered when I walk in. Seriously, I think that they have forgotten that Black Barbie is here in Korea Land and I am a fucking celebrity! However, they do make up with this disrespect by continuing to bring me free coffee, so the love is still there. When they fail to bring me free coffee, it’s time to cheat and find me a new place that will appreciate the awesomeness, which is me.

Now, I know you’re wondering why do I have to go to the PC Room to use a computer? Well, I’m cheap, didn’t buy one before coming here, and I sure as hell am not buying one now! Fuck that! I’ll wait until I get back home to buy one. It also allows me to use my time wisely; that and it cuts down on having yet another bill to pay. I told you I was cheap. So what do I do when I am in the PC Room? Well, I like to do the following:

  1. Online TV. It is absolutely essential that I get my fill of Supernatural and when it starts up again in January, The Magicians. Now, I won’t ramble on too much about Supernatural. Doing so may either spoil those who haven’t seen the new episodes or bore the piss out of those who have no idea what they’re missing. I’ll sum up this season by just saying that I’m glad Sam and Dean lived after Lucifer’s baby was born. I hated that Crowley died, but that’s for another season.
  2. Bitch! Given that I don’t have as many people to speak to regularly as I did back home, I need somewhere to vent. Voila!
  3. Talk about myself. As with number 2, I need to find an outlet where I can make up for not having friends who will pretend to listen to me as I talk about the trivial details of my life for hours on end. I miss you sick bastards!
  4. The Social Network! Thanks to my friend Mr. Internet, I’ve been able to connect with old friends here, as well as make some new ones. This weekend alone I have an outing planned, thanks largely to Sir Internet. I am meeting with a Spanish teacher in Daegu. I went on to Naver (the Korean Google) looking for a Spanish tutor so that I could improve my spoken Spanish. It turns out that there is a Spanish teacher here in Daegu looking to improve his spoken English. Score, or score! Well, it depends; I hope he is as hot as he sounds!
  5. Porn! Just kidding. I get more than enough Asian Porn on TV, and it’s FREE!
  6. Music and Movies! You know that a life without stealing is a life so very unlived.
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