The Black Barbie Chronicles: Let’s Talk Korean Lunches

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Who remembers their crappy school lunches? Well, Korea has got you guys beat!  I loved my school lunches.  This is also the topic of this week’s Black Barbie adventures in Korea. Enjoy.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

Wednesday, December 2

Let’s Talk: Korean Lunches

Since I’ve been in Korea Land, I’ve thought back to my lunches back in school. I remember being served the Sloppy Joes made with some “meat” product, some pickles, a sad bun, and milk. Oh, I forgot, the tater tots and fruit. I hated my lunches at school. Korea has changed my mind, and I’ve done a 180 on eating school lunches.
Now, I look forward to y school lunches. I pay about 40 USD a month, around 2 to 3 dollars a day for a meal at my school. Now when I say meal, I mean MEAL with all four of the food groups. I am also quite full at the end of lunch. Who can say that after spending 3 bucks for a meal? Hell Mickey D’s can’t beat that.
Why are my meals so damn good? Well, I learned that Korean schools are required by law to have a nutritionist on duty. Her sole job is to make sure that the meal have nutritional value, and are delicious to both the kiddies and the adults. It blows my mind on how healthy the meals are here. There are NO frozen foods or questionable meats. Everything is fresh and recognizable; not so in America Land.
The daily lunch will change, but what I dub, The Korean Holy Trinity will NEVER change. The trinity consists of rice, soup, and kimchi. Without the trinity, can you really call it a Korean lunch? The answer is no. What, no kimchi for your meal?! That’s crazy talk! We have the Trinity along with some meat, seafood, veggies, and a dessert.
I look forward to Wednesday Lunch or as we call it “Ethnic Day.” Yeah, I know, but it’s Korea; roll with it. On Ethnic Day, we have something ethnic, duh! There is American food, Mexican, Japanese, or Chinese. Now, don’t think that the cooks back there are making authentic Mexican food in the kitchens. Remember this is a country, which thinks putting corn, and sweet potatoes on a pizza are GOOD!
Nope. The food will, of course, be some bastardized version of Mexican or Chinese with that unique Korean flare to it. American Hamburg? Well, that usually is a pork patty with some ketchup on it. I learned the hard way about fruit salad. I’m thinking fresh cut fruit on a plate. Hell no. What I got was some fruit violation which had both mayo and yogurt mixed into it. Surprise Bitch!

I really love my school lunches. There are course uppity Western teaches who flat out refuse to eat Korean school lunches. These are also the same bastards who claim their co-teachers hate them and won’t talk to them. Again, Korea is a very social country; and they love to be sociable over meals. I mean will it kill you to spend 15 to 20 minutes with The Koreans before you go back to your class? Nope. Try it first and see what happens.

Believe you me, your co-teachers and principal will see if you are friendly or not and will judge you by your social skills. Teaching skills will come and go, but baby if you put out socially and appear friendly, the Korean Universe is your oyster!

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