Tuesday Travel: Tikal

Ahh… the topping, Tikal!

Located in the tropical rainforest of the Petén province, Tikal is the most famous of Guatemala’s Mayan ruins, and therefore the most visited. The site is awesome, with stunning temples and palaces as well as ceremonial platforms and remains of houses. Climbing to the top of one of these temples offers a great experience with beautiful panoramic views from above the tree tops. Tikal was one of the most important Mayan cities since it was the economic, political and military center of this pre-Columbian civilization. Monuments decorated with carvings and painted murals can be found in the core site; hieroglyphics tell the history of Tikal. Tikal, one of the most powerful Mayan kingdoms, is a prime example of the sophisticated artistic, intellectual and technological talents of the Mayans.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

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