The Black Barbie Chronicles: A Short Tale of Two Koreas


Ug, I hate when people back home would ask me about ” the war”. As usual, I would get confused and wonder what the hell they were talking about. I keep forgetting that technically, both Koreas are still at war; just a slight truce.  Neither side has claimed they won the war, but it’s pretty clear who the winners are. Anywho, enjoy this here little tidbit and my two cents on “the war”.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

A Short Tale of Two Koreas

People back in Texas Land keep asking me about “The War”. How do I feel living in a war zone? Has hell started yet? Can I get out? Not sure where people are getting their news from. Fox maybe? However, to answer the question, no people, all hell has not broken out. As far as I can tell North Korea’s Supreme Leader is all about flexing his Big Boy muscles and that’s it. He’s like a barking dog, all bark and no bite. Yes, from time to time there is the typical “I will blow everyone to kingdom come,” but again that’s just talking.

Now that we have our own Fearless Leader in power, people have been asking me more and more. Life still goes on here in Korea Land. There are no unusual military drills. We do not have an influx of US military presence. The people here in South Korea are doing just fine. Life here is the same as usual, with the usual two leaders having a pissing contest to see who’s dick is bigger. So, to answer the question, yes I am safe so no worries. To answer the second question, yes I do have an exit plan and a bug out bag. You never know when I may do some crazy shit, and I need to get the hell out of the country with the quickness!

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