The Black Barbie Chronicles: A Korean Man Followed Black Barbie Home

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Yep, this one was a doozy!  So no setup; let’s dive right in.

F. M. Laster

“I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.” -Mae West

A Korean Man Followed Black Barbie Home

  I’ve had drunks follow me home back in Texas Land. But I was in Texas, with a bunch of other drunks, so I was safe. The person following me, well not so much. My Texas boys are something else. Anyway on to today’s tale.

A couple of nights ago, I was walking to my apartment with Lauren and Niall who wanted to go to the store for some shopping. I needed wine, so I thought what the hell and picked up a couple of bottles. Now Niall and Lauren lived kind of close to each other, and they took the subway home together. This is an integral part of the story. Me on the other hand lived a few blocked away, so I walked it home. It would have been a 3-dollar cab ride, but it was a beautiful night, and I decided to walk home alone. A Black woman in Korea. This part too will be important for later.

As I rounded the corner to my building, I passed a few drunken Korean men. This detail is also important. These were youngish in their late 20’s maybe 30. One of the bold fuckers, fueled by alcohol, yelled out ” Hello Beautiful Beyoncé. Hello.” Like I do back in Texas Land, I ignored the fucker and kept on walking.

Now when I just a few feet from my building, it dawned on me that one of the bold drunken fuckers was following me! I was in no mood for the bullshit tonight; I didn’t feel like playing sign language to leave me the hell alone. Instead of walking into my building, I went into the local 7-11 to get some smokes. I did this thinking that the fucker would go away.

You know I came out, and the son of a bitch was outside smiling! What the hell! Yep, it freaked me out big time. I ignored him went into a local mom and pop food mart for some noodles. This Slick Rick turns the corner, and he’s waiting for me to come out.

There was no way in hell I wanted this man to know where I lived. I damn sure didn’t want him to catch me in some unlit secluded area. Many a bad thing has happened to both foreign and Korean women in my current situation. This is why I am highly cautious about my surrounds, no matter how drunk I get.

So what did I do? Well, I made it a point to get to know my little area neighborhood better. I walked around from shop to shop looking, and of course, my little shadow was doing the same. Little does baby know that I can hop a taxi take it one place and then come back home if I need to. After coming out of the local dollar store, I guess he was getting tired. He made an attempted to get my number, I said no and kept on walking some more. Finally, I lost him.

I finally made it to my apartment and turned on all the lights, and triple checked to make sure my door was locked. Now, there had been times when I’ve had a few incidents happen to me. Since landing in Korea, I have been groped, flashed, propositioned, and had money placed in my hand, leading me to some love motel. However, these things usually happened in Daegu or Seoul or in some random part of Busan. This was the first time I’ve had an experience happen so close to the place I call home. This was very scary for me.

For the most part, Korea is portrayed as this very safe, idealistic place with little to no crime. Now compared to Houston, yes, Korea has a lower crime rate. This thinking is what got many a foreigner living here thinking we are safe in Mayberry; myself included. We believe that Korea is so safe that we let our guards down and do things we usually wouldn’t do. Don’t do that. It is a dangerous mistake to think that nothing bad happens here. Or that something bad could never happen to me.

I had made a friend with this Scottish girl who worked at one of the local hagwons. Some random Korean followed her into her building. He ended up cornering her in her own stairwell and raped her. Naturally, none of the people on her floor hear or saw anything. Korea. After this violation, she was ready to get the hell out of dodge! You know her school gave her a hard time and told her to stay, or they wouldn’t pay her? Fuck! She stated that her safety and sanity was worth more than her paycheck, and she left the next day without saying a word.

Oh then there is also the story of the Korean woman who was sexually assaulted by her boss, but he got out of that by paying a fine and some money Blood Money for her “troubles.” Sometimes the woman doesn’t live. There was a story out of Japan that was circulating about an English teacher who was assaulted and murdered.

Men committing violence against women, both domestic and foreign, is common here in Korea Land. Some things will come easy to a Korean woman as opposed to someone like me. See, I am a foreigner in Korea. I don’t speak the language and do not have all of the cultural norms down. Being foreign, not speaking the language, and not knowing the norms, can make it difficult for me to call the cops for help.

If I can even get the cops, then it’s quite another thing for them to help me or God forbid, care about what happened to me. Sadly, I’ve personally heard and witnessed story after story of the cops not giving a shit if a foreign woman is sexually assaulted. It seems the Korean po-po only take a sexual assault case seriously is if a foreigner assaults a Korean woman. Then it’s a full press junket, with people calling for the deportation of all foreigners. Then, the assault is a big fucking deal. However, if it is one of us Dirty AIDS/STD Disease Carrying Foreign Sluts, not so much.

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