Black Barbie Chronicles: Korean Bluntness

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Yes, your girl is FINALLY back! Sickness, testing, and playing the new version of The Hunger Games, 2020 edition hasn’t stopped me,  So, I’m back with another story to tell. This time, it’s all about Korean Bluntness. What is it? Well, check it out below.  Enjoy and have a great week.


F. M. Laster

“The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra


Korean Bluntness

You just said whhhhhhhhaaaaat? Welcome to Korea, the land of keeping it real. Whether good, bad or utterly hilarious, you are going to come across some of these gems.

“Black Barbie Teacher, baby?” – 1st grader boy pointing to my stomach, so he thinks I’m pregnant.

“Wow, your hair, every day different but your clothes always the same! Hahaha” – a 30+ male co-teacher.

“Your hair brown, rest black, why?” – having to explain what regrowth is to the same 30+ male co-teacher.

“Sometimes you are good at Korean, but most of the time…no” – words of wisdom told to me by my Korean tutor

“Black Barbie Teacher, what’s wrong with your face? It’s so orange. Are you sick?” – That one day, I chose to try a new foundation without doing a test first. 

“Wow, you look tired. Did you sleep at all last night?” – I did actually, a whole 8 hours, but thanks for pointing out how bad I look fucker!

“Black Barbie Teacher, which teacher is the most handsome? Point to him!” – said by the Principal in front of said handsome teachers.

Now, these kinds of statements and questions could very easily upset you, and when I first heard them, I was taken aback. How can someone say such things and so unnecessarily! The truth of the matter is that it’s just a cultural difference, nothing more nothing less. In Korean culture, they just tell it how it is, no pussyfooting. If I’m being honest with myself I do have a bit of a belly, I do have my minimal work clothing on rotation, most of the time I do have regrowth, my Korean is pretty minimal when I don’t have makeup on I do look flushed, sometimes I do look tired!

Regardless of whether or not you think they should keep their opinions to themselves, my best advice is to smile, nod, and move the conversation somewhere else. Remember that the majority of Korean people that you communicate with may not be very fluent in English, so the words they use could sound a little abrasive, but it’s unintentional. It’s a cultural difference that is not going to go anywhere, so your only option is to embrace it!

Now please don’t think that when you come to Korea that every second person in the street is going to comment negatively on your appearance and tell you how much weight you’ve gained. The majority of Korean people who have wounded my ego have either been children, co-workers, or friends. It’s just how Korean people communicate with each other, and it is really more of a concern for your well-being, they want the best for you. So start building a thicker skin because Korea is here, to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you, God.

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